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P1040460Calvi offers a sandy beach and an attractive bay conducive to sailing, fishing, scuba diving or just for enjoying a lazy day…, walking and horse-riding are possible both at the seaside and in the surrounding countryside. And the old town, perched on its high ramparts overlooking a small harbor, is quite simply charming in itself.

An exceptional view: Calvi, the citadel, the lower town and the circle of mountains surrounding the bay…
The Balagne is in the north western part of Corsica and consists of forty small villages, some on the coast and others perched high on a mountainside, Algajola, Aregno, Avapessa, Belgodere, Calenzana, Calvi, Cateri, Corbara, Costa, Feliceto, Galeria with his small harbour, Ile Rousse, Lavatoggio, Lama, Lumio and the Sant-Ambroggio Marina with its little harbour, Manso, Mausoléo, Moncale, Montegrosso, Montemaggiore and the hamlets Cassano and Lunghignano, Monticello, Muro, Nessa, Novella, Occhiatana, Olmi Cappella, Palasca, Pigna, Pietralba, Pioggiola, Sant’Antonino, Santa Reparata di Balagna and the hamlets Palmento and Occigliani, Speloncato, Vallica, Ville-di-Paraso, Zilia, as well as the two medium-sized towns, Calvi and Ile Rousse.
Both terrain and the varied topography of this part of the island offer magnificent views and beautiful landscapes in all seasons.
The Balagne is filled with many villages which may surprise the visitor due to their architectural heritage and diversity.

The tourist season gets longer every year :

  • February, nature changes with the blooming mimosa and almond trees and the temperature begins to rise.
  • April, when the macchia blooms and sea-bathing is already possible (albeit quite fresh).
  • May and June are magnificent with the fresh smell of the countryside and the sea which gets warmer by the day allowing us to spend summer hours in the water with the blazing sun above and the general climate is tempered by a gentle breeze.
  • September – October, the air cools slowly, the sea is still warm and the days begin to get shorter.
  • Autumn – surprise surprise! In Corsica we enjoy a second spring.
  • Even in the middle of winter good weather is often present in Corsica.
    We are sometimes surprised to find snow on the beach which makes children and families happy because we can enjoy these unique and magical moments which nature offers us.

And here the cycle ends and resumes again with the first buds in February …

How to get here:

From Bastia and Ajaccio follow the signs towards Ponte Leccia, then follow the signs to Ile Rousse and Calvi.
At the first roundabout when arriving at Calvi, go straight ahead for 700m and then take the first left (there’s a pharmacist on the corner). LE HOME is the second property on the right, enter here and follow the signs to the reception.

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